5 ways to make an assignment look Digitally presentable


Writing a good assignment is a very important task for a student to excel in his or her academic year. Students pay a lot of attention in searching for the right information or material to write their assignments and in the construction of their paragraphs or in checking the overall flow and grammar of their work. Visit Job Search in the UK if you need job in any field. 

They pay a lot of attention to everything and anything to make their assignments better and to increase their quality so that they can get high scores in their exams.

But most of the time the students forget to pay attention to a very important thing and that is the presentation of their assignment. They pay very little attention to it in the beginning and when they get their scores they realize the importance of the presentation of their assignments.

In this article, we are going to tell you some amazing ways by which you can make your assignment look more presentable and if you will follow them then your high scores are guaranteed.

Given below are 5 points that will help you enhance the overall look of your assignment and make it more presentable than before.

1. Use the correct font

You should pay a considerable amount of time to think about the correct font and the font size of your assignment according to your needs. Using the correct font would provide you a lot of assignment help in essay writing help .

Sometimes in an attempt to make the assignment look longer and to increase its length people use fonts that are very large and they also pick up the size that is very large. All of these methods to just make the assignment look longer are very unethical.

The most used and the most professional-looking font is the Times New Roman font although fonts like Calibri and Arial can also be used. The font size can be between 11 and 14 as the ideal size for writing your assignment.

You should also use the black colored text to write your assignments and you should avoid using any different colored page other than white because using any other color than white as the background of your page would net give your assignment a professional look and a professional look is very much needed if you are writing an academic assignment.

2. Use the correct spacing

Although the size of the phone and the spacing is mentioned by the college authority most of the time, just in case when it is not mentioned by the college the most appropriate spacing between the lines should be 1.5.

You also have to make sure that you leave a line between every paragraph so that your whole work would look more organized and neat, it would also help the riddles to differ between the two paragraphs and the change in them.

If there is very little space remaining on a page and you need to start a new topic then turn over to the new page and start the topic from that new page. Using the correct spacing will provide you a lot of research paper writing help and assignments help as it would make your assignment look more organized.

3. Make a catchy title page

The title page contains the most important and necessary information about your assignment and about yourself so it is very much needed to make it look as presentable as possible and in order to get some research paper writing help and assignment help.

It is the place where you can get a little bit creative while writing your academic assignment. You can use different forms of colors or designs or colors of the page to make it look as attractive as possible.

Emphasis should not only be laid upon making it more attractive but also on putting every piece of information that is needed on the title page. You need to include certain things in your title page and that is:-

  • The title of your assignment – writing the title of your assignment on the title page is very much important as it is the place where you are mentioning your title properly and in the clearest manner.
  • The number of pages – writing the number of pages is also very important because just in case if some of your pages go missing after submitting the assignment the professor would know about it and your marks would not be deducted in most of the cases.
  • Your course – of course, you have to write your course name and number on the title page because there is a particular system by which the college authority works,s and writing your course number and name is very much important in maintaining that system and for the organization.
  • Your name and personal details – you have to make sure that you have written your name in every other personal detail that is mentioned by the college authorities so that you do not get in any trouble afterward.

4.  Write heading and subheadings

It is a very common mistake of the students that they forget to write the headings and subheadings in their assignments.

You have to understand that providing the heading and the subheading would make your work look very much organized and planned and it would also help The reader to distinguish between different topics and what he wants to read and how much importance you have given to a topic.

Writing headings and subheadings would allow the reader to know what the full paragraph is about. Using a different color for a slightly different font for headings and subheadings would make your assignment look very much presentable.

5. Using headers and footers

You should never forget to write the headers and the footers in your assignment because they are very much needed in the assignments even if they are not mentioned by the college authorities. The headers and footers should include the following information:-

  • Name of the student.
  • Student number or the roll number.
  • Name of the course and its number. 
  • The number of the assignment.
  • The total number of pages in the assignment.
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