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In the event that you investigate any kitchen stockpiling, you will find a wide assortment of toppings put away for at whatever point you want them. Be it pickle, or mayonnaise or ketchup, each kitchen has their special rundown of items, contingent upon sense of taste and decision. Be that as it may, what stays a consistent wherever is a jug of jam. Much pleasing? Jam is likely perhaps of the most famous spread that anyone could hope to find across the globe. Be it a blended natural product jam or a mango jam, we love keeping them all in our reserve. Spread it on bread or use it as a filling for roti roll – jam has an extensive variety of use in our regular dinner. What’s more, the best part is, it is effectively accessible at each supermarket around. Be that as it may, did you be aware, you can without much of a stretch make it at home as well? You heard us. We have found a flavorful jam recipe that is simply difficult to make, yet can likewise be put away for close to a half year. It’s the exemplary apple jam recipe.

On the off chance that you wonder, what is so one of a kind about this hand crafted apple jam, let us tell you – it incorporates no additive, making the jam a sound choice to go for. This specific recipe has been shared by food vlogger Reshu on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’. We should investigate.

How To Make Classic Apple Jam At Home:

1 Start with cleaning apples and wiping them dry. Peel off the skin and cut them into small                 pieces.       

2 Add the chopped apples in a kadhai and cook until the apples turn soft.

3 When cooked, mash the apples with a masher. Or cool the apples and blend in a mixer grinder.

4 Add sugar to the mashed apple and mix everything together. Cook until the sugar gets totally dissolved.

5 Add cinnamon, cardamom powder and red food colour and mix until the jam turns thicker.

6 Switch off the gas and add lemon juice to it. The juice will act as a natural preservative.

7 Cool it down, transfer the jam in a clean jar and store in refrigerator for five to six months.

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