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An free online Quran classes can be a great way to learn the Quran, whether you’re looking to become more proficient at reading from your own prayer rug or you’re trying to prepare for an exam given by a mosque or Islamic school. Many people wonder how they can get access to these free classes and not have to pay extra money to access them. There are many options out there, so read on below to learn how you can start learning Quran online free with Tajweed today!

Practicing other types of worship is a must

Islam is a holistic religion and does not see anything separately, especially when it comes to acts of worship. Apart from what the moon, offers prayers (prayer), reading all the Quran at least once, and doing charity (such as giving zakat or sadaqah) is expected from Muslims throughout the year.

Therefore, when coming to Ramadan, all actions of worship are expected to practice regardless of whether someone fasts or not (except for menstruation women). The best part of the Ramadan fasting rules is that every type of worship practiced in the holy month is valued at 70 times more than other months.

: Holds anything that enters the body while fasting

It is very clear that during fasting, you should not consume anything, whether it is liquid or solid food, but unlike intermittent and other types of fasting, whatever enters the body cavity is not allowed. Whether it enters the body through the throat, open wounds, nose, private parts, intestines, or other places are strictly prohibited.

However, if in a certain example something enters the body through any channel/channel accidentally, it is advisable to repent and continue quickly. But if you do it deliberately, it will be stopped quickly.

refrain from immoral and unethical actions

One of the prominent fasting rules for Muslims is that they must distance themselves from unethical, immoral, and unnecessary actions. It is recommended to refrain from them regardless of Ramadan but in honor of the sanctity of this month, it is strongly recommended to obey it.

Muslims are advised to quit the cheating games, fake discussions, and deeds; This includes quarrels (guaranteed and unreasonable), pampering itself in arguments, backgrounds, use of words and bad names, watching indecent content, listening to music, dressing provocative, judgmental, and others to mention several.

Rules of fasting also requires a Muslim not to talk too much or talk about that they are fasting or how thirsty and hunger they are. Fasting is about the spirit of food and cheers; Therefore it has anger and shows it is also prohibited.

refrain from sexual acts

No meaning, Ramadan requires Muslims (married couples or vice versa) to stay away from intimacy but to respect and respect the moon; It is recommended to hold it while fasting.

In fact, most Muslims often distance themselves from any sexual activity for a full month. However, it was allowed to intimate at night. During fasting, excretion of semen in any way, both through sexual intercourse, masturbation, wet mind, resulting in quickly canceled.

Fostering brotherhood and building humanitarian land

Huqooq ul ibad (good for other humanity) is something that Allah and the Prophet (P.B.U.H) have been emphasized repeatedly. It is expected that explicitly in the month of Ramadan to release hatred and meet the following Muslim younger siblings and their needs widely.

 Ramadan is about giving and controlling yourself; Therefore the act of distributing iftaari (food functions to rest), do charity, collectively pray in the mosque, and collective activities as a whole are expected to be a practice to foster brotherhood. The basic idea is to create a harmonious community through this movement to promote the way of humanity. Therefore, during Ramadan, it is expected to avoid actions that might create barriers and disturbances for others.

 Taking place with daily work is important

Most people assume that fasting is a boring practice. Therefore, people must be given relief to observe them quickly but often, what people do not realize is that following all the rules of Ramadan fasting while continuing to do daily activities is the essence of Ramadan and what he is trying to teach.

When you fast and continue your daily activities, it helps maintain empathy, self-control, and discipline in yourself; therefore,

If you’re planning on getting free online Quran classes, then it’s best to learn more about your learning style and find a resource that works with your preferred way of learning. Are you a visual learner or an auditory learner? Does reading give you trouble but videos are easy? All these things matter when it comes to picking a free online Quran classes for kids resource.

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