How has PMUY Outlived its Usefulness? A Critical Analysis


Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna is a public strategy sent off by Pradhan Mantri in the year 2016, this strategy goes under the class of most loved strategies of PM, Each arrangement is sent off with the honest goal to give advantages to the greatest individuals of the nation yet the achievement rate and real factors of the strategy depend on the legitimate execution with deep-rooted system, Ujjwala Yojna is one such approach of Legislature of India under the Service of Petrol and Flammable gas, sending off PMUY was a stage in an appropriate bearing yet everything relies upon execution. I will fundamentally assess Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna, I will begin with the socioeconomic states of India, and I will attempt to set a foundation for PMUY, a short depiction of the strategy i.e, the quintessence of the strategy, working of my, goals of pmuy, positive parts of my, negative viewpoints or difficulties followed by ideas.


Socio-economic conditions in India

Consistently in India, a great many individuals, lose their life because of radical indoor contamination. Injury is one of the central purposes behind monocular visual impairment in created countries; scarcely any examinations have featured this issue in provincial regions. There was a review directed in April 2013 uncovered that India being an emerging country has accomplished the fourth situation in energy utilization on the planet. As per the registration of 2011, around 121 million families in India are reliant upon conventional energy for preparing food and 40% of families are as yet denied clean fuel [1].

As per the World Wellbeing Association, disgusting cooking fills cause an expected five lakh fatalities in India every year, while a significantly bigger number of individuals experience the ill effects of different respiratory sicknesses.

The service of rustic improvement distinguished 24.49 crore families in the SECC-2011 census survey (17.97 crore country and 6.52 crore metropolitan). 10.31 crore families were affected by at least one hardship, with 8.72 crore country (48.53%) and 1.59 crore metropolitan (24.39%) perceived by the GoI for the arrival of five crores LPG associations under PMUY [2,3].

Pradhan mantri ujjwalayojna

The pith of strategy: PMUY is a public arrangement started by PM Narendra Modi in May 2016 in Ballia Locale of UP, this plan goes under The Service of Petrol and Flammable gas, which began in the financial year 2016-17, to give LPG associations with 5 crore ladies from BPL families more than a three-year time span, after the correction of the plan recipients were expanded to 8 crores under E-PMUY, every one of the recipients were to be recognized from Financial and Station Statistics (SECC) 2011 rundown [4].

How does PMUY work?

BPL Ladies who are over 18 years and have no LPG association can apply for PMUY by presenting the expected desk work to the merchant; the SECC rundown will be coordinated and after this large number of systems associations will be delivered [5,6].

This drive incorporates monetary help adding up to Rs 1600/ – for the new LPG association, the Focal Government will give this money help, It gave an extra credit office to adjust the expense of the oven followed by the principal top which was to be recuperated from the appropriation gave to the recipients on LPG tops off under Direct Advantage Move for LPG (DBTL) [7].


The targets of PMUY are to give free LPG associations with ladies having a place with BPL families, To engage ladies and kids’ wellbeing by furnishing them with safe cooking fuel-melted petrol gas, and give store free LPG associations with ladies (BPL) denied of LPG admittance to supplant cooking fills utilized in India with LPG as customary energizes are hurtful and to accomplish manageability, energy, moderateness, and clean climate and advance ladies strengthening [10].

Materials And Methods

Challenges to ujjwala

Moderateness is the central justification behind individuals not changing to LPG on the grounds that the expense of top-off is excessively high for themselves and that much endowment is excessively less, there is a differentiating distinction between the cost of LPG and kindling, individuals favor the conventional fills because of efficiency and that is the explanation for decreasing pace of tops off. As indicated by CAG reports 2019, the expense of the top-off has expanded from. 500 to Rs. 837 (>200) and according to NSSO Study 2018, the Family pay of 20% of individuals is Rs. 1065 it is truly challenging for them to bear the cost of tops off [11].

A tremendous hole between tops off is noticed; As per information examination, 80% of recipients have required 04 tops off in a year. 1, 32, 67,343 have gone for first top off, 1, 09, 29,440 for II top off and 82, 24,227for III top off. In the current situation, the sponsorship is irrelevant and the expense of tops off is more than Rs. 800/ -.

The sponsorship is another issue, As per different news stories, Individuals know nothing about endowments, and certain individuals in Noida (UP) have not accepted their endowment as there are escape clauses in the hardware that are forestalling individuals to get a sponsorship. One more issue is that the endowment given to recipients is exceptionally less when contrasted with the expense of top off (Rs.14/ -,9/ – and so on), and appropriation has been diminishing ceaselessly. Mediators have taken the advantage of sponsorships generally speaking because of the absence of mindfulness and lack of education [12].

Positive aspects

As their benefits and bad marks of everything and everything have a positive perspective too likewise there are different beneficial outcomes of PMUY examined here. These angles will guarantee that Ujjwala has performed well in different spots.

Reasonable associations have been furnished with PMUY, it has satisfied the fantasies of numerous BPL families by giving reasonable associations with them, the people who couldn’t manage the cost of it before are currently removing advantages of LPG association and away from numerous unsafe impacts brought about by customary fills. For a BPL family, it wasn’t so natural to get LPG because of the expense engaged with it yet with PMUY this issue has been settled.

Results And Discussion

Efficient cooking is conceivable because of PMUY as an assortment of kindling and cooking in view of customary energizes are tedious, PMUY has ended up being worthwhile in decreasing the cooking time, and ladies can draw in themselves in different things which will improve their monetary status, give openness, and foster abilities. The business has expanded with PMUY as there is an impressive expansion in the quantity of distributorship and the staff which has given a task to youth and this will prompt a rise in their monetary status. In provincial India, individuals are looking for work with amazing open doors and PMUY has filled this need.


Increment free Tops for recipients something like four tops off a year ought to be given unreservedly to make PMUY a fruitful plan, Government ought to build the spending plan for government assistance measures, make legitimate use of assets from the ‘Surrender it Mission’ and well offs ought to be mentioned to leave sponsorship.

The cost of Top off ought to be diminished for recipients provided that (free tops off are unrealistic) to support re-fillings and the most extreme use of LPG to fill the need of PMUY. Rather than sponsorship, Government ought to decrease the expense simply because there are occurrences of no appropriation got, it will tackle the issues made by agents, the absence of mindfulness with respect to the endowment. Intensive checking of recipients is to be finished to stay away from errors; Aadhaar quantities of all grown-up relatives of existing and new recipients ought to be confirmed. Fitting programming ought to be utilized to set up a fair rundown of recipients. The rundown ought to be amended intermittently. SECC rundown ought to be alluded to exclusively for setting up the rundown.


PMUY is one of the great plans sent off by the public authority to advance government assistance in the country, there are positive as well as pessimistic parts of the plan, and suggestions have been given to make it a more effective plan, it is a noteworthy move, Ecological cordial cooking is guaranteed by this followed by the prosperity of ladies and kids which is the superb rationale, there are different provisos and difficulties looked by PMUY, need is to limit them and benefits ought to be boosted, disparities ought to be experienced, legitimate working ought to be guaranteed, It has contributed emphatically in the financial existence of individuals. PMUY can accomplish extraordinary levels assuming difficulties are considered.

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