How to Properly Recycle Cardboard Boxes

We live in a world where we can buy products from the comfort of our own home. Whether we order a subscription box next month or order dinner tonight, everything needs to be packaged and sent in a way where our products or food arrives safely and healthy.

Because of an increase in ecommerce, which leads to an increase in the use of shipping cartons or cardboard boxes for shipping, we as consumers are often left with one ton of cardboard at home.

The good news is that unlike other packaging materials that might contain plastic laminates, cardboard or paper boxes can be recycled. There are two types of boxes that we will focus on:

Paper -based box – like a folding cardboard box

Wavy box – like a letter box

Thick corrugated cardboard and has an extra layer of corrugated fiber between sheets, and is mainly used for shipping packages or used as moving boxes.

Custom Beam Block Box in it

Custom mailer box beam

custom rigid boxes wholesale Paperboard is a thin cardboard because the fiber becomes too short to make a strong bumpy cardboard through a recycling process. They are mainly used for cereal boxes, drink packaging, bread boxes, or as light product boxes.

Branded cereal box

How is the cardboard recycled? ♻️

Step 1: sorting and tearing -robe

After the cardboard box enters the recycling facility, the material needs to be separated from other paper products and sorted by type of board because not all types of cardboard are made using the same process. After being separated and sorted, the cardboard will be torn to be recycled better later in the process.

Step 2: pulp

Grated material will then be mixed with water to break down and soften cardboard fibers so that it can be used to make new cardboard materials. This process is known as pulp.

Step 3: Filtering

After the pulp, the cardboard material is complete, then filtered to separate waste, such as ink, ribbon, or staples, left in the cardboard box so that the paper fiber can bind properly. This will protect the integrity of new cardboard products made in the end.

Step 4: Add more water

When it’s time to make, the filtered porridge will be mixed with more water, pressed, and stirred to get the right consistency for the type of cardboard that is being made. Each cardboard material requires a different regimen so that the length of the process and chemicals are added, if any, it will vary.

Step 5: Roll and Dry

After completing the mixing process, the paper porridge will be treated through a rolling and drying process, making a large sheet of brown paper that can be used to make new paper and cardboard products.

Now you have a picture of this process, here are some simple tips that you can follow to help the recycling process.

Tips #1: Flatten all your cardboard boxes

Flat cardboard box

The cardboard box takes a lot of space, therefore it is important to level it before you recycle it. Before leveling it, make sure there are no other packaging materials, such as plastic, inside or outside the box because this will prevent cardboard material from recycling correctly and will be put together with garbage as a result. If there are packing tapes or labels in the box, you can delete it or leave it because most recycling centers will take care of it for you! Reading about tow truck in san jose is important you have vehicle.

Tips #2: Make sure your cardboard box is clean and dry

The cardboard box is stacked

custom bottle boxes It is important to keep your cardboard box clean and dry before you recycle it because it is contaminated or wet items will affect the integrity of recycled materials and most recycling centers will only dispose of it because the saturated cardboard is difficult to recycle.

To prevent this from happening, separate your ‘oily/wet’ box from the dry one. So after the night ordered pizza, be sure to cut the oily area in your pizza box and store it in a pile separate from the cardboard/dry paper!

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