In which city should overseas Pakistanis invest?

overseas Pakistanis invest

A various number of oversea Pakistanis, suffer greatly when attempting to purchase real estate plots in Pakistan from manipulative and underhanded sources. These fake projects take pray to their naivety and lack thereof in the practices and measures in this field.  However, before investing in any property precautions should be taken in consideration to avoid any harmful and ill-advised investments even among trust worthy sources. Right now, Islamabad is the best city to invest in for Pakistani’s living abroad due to the growing number of real estate projects launching special residential blocks for them.

The list below further explains which housing schemes are best for investment if you are living abroad.

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Parkview City Overseas Block, Islamabad
The Parkview City Overseas Block contains a number of residential plots that vary in sizes from 5 marla to 1 Kanal. This block focuses mainly on all the facilities and living standard that international residents are familiar with. Currently, the location for this block has yet to be revealed to the general public. But a few resources have stated that it will be located near the society’s 1st gate, close to the commercial block.
Park View City’s overseas block will provide its residents with up-to-date medical and academic institutions. Moreover, the residents of this block will be able to enjoy a 25% discount on all academic and medical costs. The residents will also be provided with free WiFi. This will be available throughout the area to ensure easier access to smart apps that will be introduced by the society in the near future

Coming towards the plot prices, 5 Marla residential plots are available for booking with a down payment of just 1,107500 and a quarterly installment of 550,000. 10 marla residential plots can be booked at a down payment of 1,815,000 and a quarterly instalment of 900,000 and 1 kanal residential plots are available for booking from a down payment of just 4,050,000 and a quarterly instalment of just 2,000,000. Additionally, residents of the overseas block will also have a pay a membership fee according to the size of their residential plot. Membership fees range from 7,500 and go up to 50,000.

Capital Smart City Overseas Block, Islamabad
Pakistanis who are living abroad wish to own their very own house in their country back home can invest in a residential plot in the Capital Smart City Overseas Block in Islamabad.

The overseas block for the Smart City is located at the upper right side of the main boulevard. This prime location allows the block to be easily accessible through the Motorway. Located just a few kilometers from the Islamabad Airport, the block’s location will make it easy for people living in foreign countries to board a flight back to Pakistan and be home in just a few minutes.

The society’s prime location and astounding facilities will ultimately make it the top choice for investors living abroad to put their money in. The residential plots available in this block for purchase range from 7 marla up to 2 kanal. Booking for residential plots are now open at a down payment of just 10% of the plots total price and with a 4-year installment plan. 

Blue World City Overseas Block, Islamabad

Launched especially for Pakistanis living abroad, The Blue World Overseas Block has dedicated itself to providing the residents with facilities they are used to internationally. This block is only 10 minutes away from the airport and has direct access from Chakri Road

This block offers high-tech security and surveillance cameras facilities, international academic systems, medical institutes, beautiful mosques and E-tag systems throughout the area. All these amenities add to the luxurious lifestyle that the project aims to provide its international buyers. The residential plots available for purchase in the area are available in 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 14 marlas, 1 kanal and 2 kanal. Commercial plots of 5 marlas and 10 marlas  are also available for purchase in this block. 

When investing in property while living abroad, it becomes a gamble because most people are not aware of what they’re getting. However, with the launch of all these new projects and the availability of internet, it has become comparatively easy to invest in real estate in Pakistan. Islamabad being the capital, is therefore the best city to invest in in terms of buying property.

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