The Best Online Quran Classes for Kids Convenient

All parents know how hard it can be to find best online Quran classes free quality classes for their kids. Whether it’s Quran classes, math classes, or writing classes, there’s always a huge selection of them out there in different forms and from different sources. The key question becomes where to find the best online Quran classes for kids – those that are free and convenient – and how to choose between all of the available options?

Learn Quran online with free resources

The most convenient way to learn Quranic Arabic is through online resources. There are hundreds of websites that offer free Quranic classes (in video or text format) on how to read, understand, memorize, and recite Quran. The best part is that many of these online resources can be used at home with no extra cost. You can even download them onto your phone or tablet so you have access to them wherever you go. And because they’re available online, they’re accessible from anywhere in the world—which means you don’t have to live in an area where there are qualified teachers nearby. In fact, many people living abroad use online resources as a way to stay connected with their culture and language while living away from home. If you want a thorough list of some great places to start learning Quranic Arabic, check out our roundup here .

Where are best online classes available?

Following are some of most popular websites that offer free online classes in English and are easy to understand. If you have some better ideas, please share with us in comments section. Let’s start with Khan Academy first. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a world-class education to anyone anywhere. Their website offers more than 4,300 courses in over 40 languages on everything from arithmetic and algebra through calculus and physics to history, music theory, chemistry, biology, finance…and much more. They also feature over 200 micro lectures under 3 minutes each as well as short interviews from people like Bill Gates or President Obama.

Getting started with online classes

Finding a good Quran teacher can be tough, especially if you live in an area with a small Muslim community. However, thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to learn from experts from all over. But how do you know which online classes are worth your time? Here are some questions to ask when vetting an online Quranic class Which one is the best online Quran class free? How to learn Quran classes for kids? How long does each lesson last? Is there any way I can try before committing to a full subscription? What level of Arabic should I have before starting lessons (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Will my children need separate accounts or can they join me on one account (assuming they’re at least 7 years old)? Are there any age restrictions on who can take these courses (for example no younger than 10 years old)? Are there any additional fees for technical support or extra materials such as books or CDs/DVDs?

List of online Quran learning resources

Many Quran classes for kids online resources provide helpful information about how to learn Qur’an. But some of them fail to do a good job of it. So, here are some carefully selected websites where you can get started with your kid’s or your own Qur’an classes: Online madrasa provides children with classes on how to recite and understand basic Arabic phrases from Al-Fatiha Chapter.

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