Which Tiles for my Kitchen?

What floor tiles are in my kitchen?

We have arranged a total document concerning the decision of floor tiles for each room in your home, to help you in your choice. In the accompanying articles on our blog you will track down our expert exhortation on this point:

 Prior to picking the tiles for my kitchen, you ought to pose yourself with the right inquiries:

A. What tile typology?

A.a. Porcelain tiles

In kitchens, hued in the body or coated stoneware excellent tiles are intended to introduce the best and most suitable specialized properties to work with upkeep and protection from stains, acids, and bases. A solitary pass of clean material dampened with warm water regularly reestablished is sufficient to safeguard the tasteful properties and specialized exhibitions of your tiles. Recollect likewise that stains are the more straightforward to clean the sooner they are taken out.

A. b. UPEC certificate

According to a specialized perspective, it is prudent to cover kitchen floor materials with NF-guaranteed tiles whose UPEC order, checked by CSTB, surpasses U2s P3 E2 C2. Along these lines, the floor can oppose the attacks of time (U) as well as punching because of household items (P) and it becomes water safe (E) yet in addition acids and bases safe (C). We’ll give more clarifications about the UPEC arrangement on our blog.

B. Tile style

To give you a few thoughts on picking the tile style, we offer a kitchen photograph choice that might rouse you.

B. a. Contemporary style

We should start with an exceptionally contemporary style, as displayed in the photograph beneath with the Solution series introduced in Fusain colors in a 60×60 cm design. The blend of dark tiles with the white table brings a great deal of stylish and polish here, enlightened by an enormous window through which daylight ponders the table and shows the articulated construction of Solution.


Mixture Fusain 60×60 cm

B. b. Loosened up style

Then here’s a kitchen in a more easygoing style, tiled with the Fossil series, wealthy in subtleties enlivened by normal stones. The scullery is upgraded by a mosaic of portions of various lengths, applied in a stunning design. Note the intriguing thought of the focal island totally covered with 30×30 tiles of a similar variety as the ground. sol food

Fossil Chinon 45×45 cm

B. c. Country style

For your family home in the open country, the Icône series loans impeccably to the climate of antiquated stones worn by time. In Ivory, Dark and Sand, Symbol is the combination of an exploration that prompted the investigation of many stones to choose four that best mirror this enchanting substance with practically no provincial suggestions, because of its enormous 60×60 cm. In blue tones, the symbol is enlivened by the honest-to-goodness stones in the North of France.

carrelage pour salle à trough

Icône Ivoire 60×60 cm

B. d. Moderate style

The moderate style creates two motivations: negligible stones from one perspective and concrete or gum on the other.

In the main style, the Moon series is an ideal answer for accomplishing a contemporary nice kitchen. Portrayed by a matte surface, Moon is wealthy in miniature subtleties and is described by tastefulness from the outset.

Moon Oxygene

Moon Oxygène 45×45 cm

In the subsequent style, the assortment Novoceram Vertige, enlivened by a hued sap, will carry a new and brilliant touch to your kitchen, in current, warm varieties that consolidate impeccably likewise with goods in splendid tones, for example, the seats and dishes in the image beneath.

Carrelage Cooking Vertige

Vertige Gris 45×45 cm

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